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The Cats ♥ Oh Boy Cat Toy!

Nov 6th, 2010 Posted in I ♥ Handmade | no comment »

I got some of the most amazing (organic and vegan too!) cat toys from a fantastic Etsy artisan Oh Boy Cat Toy!  I got two slices of toast, two slices of bacon, and a giant foot-long quarter-pound catnip filled blue whale.  The blue whale is specifically for our grey kitty Tim.  When I unwrapped the package, the cats instantly started writing and wiggling around in anticipation!

Tim kicking some blue whale booty

Tim Sleeping on his Blue Whale Tail

Moose attacking some toast

Until Later!  ®oscata

Some Favorite Food Jewelry Finds…

Jan 31st, 2010 Posted in I ♥ Handmade | one comment »

…from my Etsy and Flickr friends that share the same passion about making all food in a teeny tiny size and then wanting to wear it!  All of these artisans are extremely creative and have inspired me to keep making tiny stuff.  You might want to grab a snack and take a peek at their Flickr sites, blogs and Etsy shops!

From top to bottom, left to right:

1.) Chocolate Popsicle Ice Cream Charm Necklace by Pokkuru

2.) Salty ‘n’ Sweet Hawaiian Pizza Earrings by Mouse Market

3.) Handmade Strawberry Mini-cake Ring by Galago

4.) I heart Cookie Dough Necklace by Beat Black

5.) Earrings – Miniature Sushi Board – Salmon Cucumber Ikura Maki by Snowfern

6.) Breezy Blue Green – Bobby Pins – Fruit Tart Collection by Petite Plat

7.) Falafel Necklace by Shay Aaron

8.) ButterCream Cake Ring by Fatally Feminine

9.) Hapiness Potion by With Lollipops

Until Later! ®oscata

Today I Love Little Things!

Nov 9th, 2009 Posted in I ♥ Handmade, Just Stuff | no comment »

Nothing over five inches tall!

From top to bottom, left to right are these fab Etseans:

Looking Sharp – Vintage Enamel Grasshopper Pins by everyeskimo

Tiny Porcelain Kitchen Figurines in Iridescent Green by undoneeclectic

fish out of water (tiny needle felted koi fish) by doolittledesign

Tiny Red Zippered Travel Kit by pinguim

Vintage Universal MInute 16 Camera, Boxes and Funky Flash unit-1949 by canemah

Frozen Charlottes Miniature German Antique Dolls by shadesofakasha

Miniature Painted Owl by dreamingofvintage

Vintage Rustic Pine Cone Mini Pitcher and Saucer by SmallEarthVintage

Porcelain Horse by amusebouche1

Until Later!  ®oscata

Handmade Brigade of Orange County Indie Holiday Craft Show this Sunday, Nov 1st!

Oct 30th, 2009 Posted in Craft Shows, I ♥ Handmade | 2 comments »

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the Handmade Brigade of Orange County Indie Holiday Craft Show at The Camp in Costa Mesa this coming Sunday on November 1st, 2009.  Click here for a Google map to The Camp.  There are over 40 vendors selling the most amazing creations and I’ll have a table with my wares too.  Here’s a tiny smattering (there was too much to choose from for my nine-pic mosaic!) of what you might find.  This will not be your typical craft show!  Come early and get a free goody bag – a handmade HBOC printed recycled t-shirt bag filled, well, really stuffed to the gills with great swag and goodies from vendors and sponsors.  You don’t want to miss out on these!

MDarling-Large Blue Green Handbag by YellowWallpaper

New Beginnings – lovebird, bird on a branch pendant necklace by ohhellofriend

Bosco the Blueberry Owl Plush by TrishAns

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Soap by SafiyaBeauty

Book Organizer Clutch Eskimo Island by mandalanda

After The Glass Door Incident, I Have Not Been Right In My Thinking Thingy 8 x 10 ART PRINT by Mincing Mocking Bird

Equinox Flat by HydraHeart

Miss Melene Dress stripe check retro urban by Spicy Toast

St Little Richard Rosary by Berndt Offerings

HBOC_Holiday Craft Show Flyer_2HBOC_Holiday Craft Show Flyer_BACK_2

Until Later!  ®oscata

Today I Like Hand Knit Scarves

Oct 12th, 2009 Posted in I ♥ Handmade | one comment »

It’s the first officially cold day here in southern California and it’s about to rain, so naturally, this is my favorite thing right now this second – plus it’s freezing in the office today.  Of these, my favorites are Number 6 (would require it in a different color) and Number 8 (love that royal bright blue).

From top to bottom, left to right are these creations from these Etsy artisans:

1.) Cobalt Handknit Large Lace Scarf in Merino Wool by awkward

2.) Super Chunky Infinity Scarf – Neckwarmer – Cowl – Hood by SprattersandJayne

3.) 3 Loop Necklace Scarves by nitca

4.) Huge Charcoal Shawl by deliriumkredens

5.) Violet and Purple Stripes and Tubes by deliriumkredens

6.) Saffron Bow Knot Scarf by Thrush

7.) Candy Apple Red Handknit Scarf in a Lacy Wisp or Web Pattern by awkward

8.) Trendy Roi Bleu Collar with a Bow by homelab

9.) Whipped Cream Luxurious Pure Alpaca Knit Scarf by TickledPinkKnits

Until Later!  ®oscata

Today I Like Terrariums

Oct 8th, 2009 Posted in I ♥ Handmade | one comment »

After reading the featured seller article today on Etsy, I realized that today I like terrariums and moss.

From top to bottom, left to right are these amazing Etseans:

1.) Mini Succulent Terrarium by jjbanks54

2.) JELLYFISH ROCKIES- Various Colors, Shapes, and Sizes by SamariaProject

3.) Teacup Terrariums by augury

4.) Shy tree spirit by almapottery

5.) Three Phases of The Moon Moss Terrarium by Greenbriar

6.) Shelf City no. 167 by TheOakLeaves

7.) Baby Toes Hanging Terrarium by monkeysalwayslook

8.) 3 mini MOREL mushrooms for your terrarium or planter by mudpuppy

9.) Raven For Your Terrarium by doodlebirdie

Until Later!  ®oscata

Today I Like Hedgehogs

Oct 6th, 2009 Posted in I ♥ Handmade | no comment »

From my short time working at a zoo, I have come to understand that hedgehogs enjoy cuddling.

From top to bottom, left to right are these hedghog-themed treasures from these Etsy artisans:

1.) Hedgehog by SandraHealy

2.) Letterpress Birthday Card – Hedgehogs by luckybeepress

3.) Beach Pottery Hedgehog Family by LillaJizo

4.) Lovely Hedgehog Leather Keychain (Dark Pink) by leatherprince

5.) Le herisson / The hedgehog necklace by PetitesCuriosities

6.) Hedgie Bookplates by theblackapple

7.) Hedgehog Friend Print by theblackapple

8.) NEW DESIGN Slim Boyfriend Wallet – Hedgehogs on baby blue by blissful

9.) Knitting pattern for a little oddment hedgehog by Littlecottonrabbit

Until Later!  ®oscata

Today I Love Handmade Mugs

Oct 5th, 2009 Posted in I ♥ Handmade | 2 comments »

With the onset of autumn in southern California (i.e., it’s a “freezing” 70 degrees today) and having a terrible cold, I want a mug of tea and a cup of hot chicken noodle soup…

From top to bottom, right to left are these fantastic mugs made by these Etsy artisans:

1.) Hand Built Porcelain Fiesta Inspired Cups by clayswan

2.) Oodle the Poodle – 12 oz Mug by MonsterOpMaat

3.) There’s a Bug in My Mug by alinahayes

4.) Kugat Coffee Cup by Wayvie

5.) Deep Amber Curve Mug by CampanaCeramics

6.) Demitasse with Lily Pad Saucer by JDWolfePottery

7.) Made to Order – 20oz cup kiev (clementine/white) by CircaCeramics

8.) Gold Honey Cup by AmyEsther

9.) Handmade Coffee Cup in Aspen Birch Design by dbabcock

Until Later!  ®oscata

Today I Want Autumn Weather

Sep 22nd, 2009 Posted in I ♥ Handmade | no comment »

Instead, I’ll be receiving hot and dry Santa Ana winds with a touch of wildfire ash (later this week).

From top to bottom, left to right are these Etsy artisans:

1.) Boho Blossoms Hand-Painted Shoes by ScholarlyArticles

2.) Freckle in Summer . . . limited edition print by stacywinters

3.) Mustache on yer bike by tangerinetreehouse

4.) Incredible Massive Modernist Italian Ceramic Horse by mascarajones

5.) Mulberry Mitts by EfiaFair

6.) Mushrooms and Bokchoy, Photo Mounted on Wood by chantaldefelice

7.) Small yellow autumn oak leaf earrings by hitree

8.) Crumpled Gold Clutch by Dmrooney

9.) How I Got My Stutter- Art Necklace with Freshwater Pearl dangle by heartworksbylori

Until Later!  ®oscata

Today I Like Fairy Tales

Sep 16th, 2009 Posted in I ♥ Handmade | no comment »

Found searching through Etsy!

From top to bottom, left to right…

Snow White Bag from retrofied

The 3 Wondrous Siblings Print by HidenSeek

Dodo Cameo Pendant and Victorian Style Chain Black Felt and Purple Embroidery Frame by Spiderbot

An evening to dream – 8×10 Fine Art Photograph Print by ara133photography

Land of Many Tales Fairy-Tale Map … Print (Fantasy Cartography and Imaginary Places) by paintandink

Black Apple Salt Shaker / Handmade Pottery by StudioElan

The Toadstool’s Secret Home For Your Terrarium by doodlebirdie

Miniature Black Ornate Neo Victorian Mirror Necklace on a Dainty Black Enameled Ball Chain by rainydayswapmeet (my other store!)

I Love Unicorns – Vintage Enameled Pink by Bionicunicorn

Until later! ®oscata